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Selecting a Plan

Students seeking transfer degrees, generally called Associate Degrees (AA, AS), will complete their freshman and sophomore level general education requirements to transfer to a four year institution and earn a bachelor's degree.
Plan on transferring to another institution? You may want to read this.

Students earning workforce entry, generally called Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS) and Certificates will gain knowledge and skills needed to enter the workforce at various levels.

Always speak with an advisor before selecting a degree plan.

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Choosing a Catalog Year

A student's degree requirements are generally guided by the catalog year when the student begins continuous study at NWACC or when the student changes his or her academic program. For example, a student starting in the Fall 2011 semester would follow the 2011-12 Catalog. Students who attend continuously without missing a major semester may choose to meet the program requirements specified in a catalog for a later year.

Catalog year can be moved forward but not backward.  Students who started in Fall 2011 and attend continuously must elect the 2011 catalog or forward. They could not follow requirements under the 2010 catalog. Under some circumstances, such as those programs that require licensure, students may be required to meet new degree requirements incorporated into the program. Students who are not enrolled for a major semester may be required to re-enter under program requirements in the current catalog. As a general rule, returning students may be granted a degree on the basis of requirements specified in a catalog dating back five years. Returning students who wish to pursue a plan dating back more than five years must see the VP for Student Learning.

Students are expected to keep themselves informed regarding degree/certificate requirements. Students have the ultimate responsibility to select and register for courses meeting graduation requirements.

Degree Plans
Degree Plans


Don’t see your catalog year? If you are working from Catalog 2010-11 or prior please contact Student Records or call 479.619.4398.

For questions or comments, please contact Student Records or call (479) 619-4398.

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